a blog on carpeliam.com? what's this?


I’ve been blogging on and off since the day I turned 22 (way back in 2001). When I started doing server-side programming in PHP in 2002, I made my own blog, but after a few months, the GDC (which was housing the website) lost everything on their servers, and i didn’t have any backups. After that, I wanted to try something that integrated into LiveJournal so I wouldn’t have to worry about a database crash. I tried writing a Flash wrapper around LiveJournal, but that sucked hard. So when I started carpeliam.com, I had a spot for a blog to go, but it didn’t actually exist.

Until now. I came up with the cool idea of housing the blogs on my own personal database on carpeliam.com, but simultaneously publishing it to LiveJournal through the LiveJournal API. I plan to add more features soon, like when I finish writing a song, it’ll get a blog entry automagically. And of course there is an RSS for the whole thing, which might end up going up on facebook too. We’ll just have to see what happens.

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