Half of me

Hello there, my name's Liam Morley. I enjoy cycling, rock climbing, hiking, and ultimate frisbee. I've been playing the piano for over two-thirds of my life, sometimes professionally, and I'm a singer/songwriter who has been in a band or two. I don't believe in scratch tickets, I have a poor sense of smell, and my culinary skills could use improvement. I once won second prize and $50 in a writing contest.

Sometimes I like to write code. And when I write code, I like to write tests for my code, sometimes before I even write the code itself. And when I finish writing code, I like to post it on GitHub so other people can use the code. A lot of what I write revolves around looking at ways to use the internet to connect people with information. From a language perspective, this usually involves Ruby, JavaScript, and HTML5.

I currently live two blocks away from the Pacific Ocean in sunny Southern California, and I work at Pivotal Labs in Santa Monica, CA.