i'm biking across maine!


So as a lot of you know, my dad died of lung cancer just over 10 years ago. Well, I’m going to bike across Maine in order to raise money for lung research. If you’ve ever driven through Maine, you know it’s a gigantic state compared to Massachusetts, and it’ll take three days of biking to get from one side to the other. Now I’ve done the Walk for Hunger, which is 20 miles long, and sometimes, there were blisters involved. This is going to be a lot more difficult.

I also need to raise a lot more money. I’m going to have to raise $500, so I’ll be asking all of you to help me out in any way you can. I’ll probably be talking to a lot of you in person, but the easiest way to help is right through the web, so I’m going to put this here. Please visit this site to pledge for me to bike across Maine. The money is going directly to the American Lung Association of Maine. If you have any questions about the whole thing, please let me know. Also, I’ve got a roadbike, but I don’t have much else, so if you have supplies that you might think are beneficial, those would be much appreciated as well. Thanks in advance to those of you who will help make this happen.

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