the sound of music


If for every door that closes, another one opens, I’m currently standing out in the hallway in front of the Copper Tree door, still somewhat ajar, but slowly and silently closing. Yeah, in other words, Copper Tree is quietly ceasing to be. And I get the sense that all three remaining band members are implicitly ok with that. Any one of us could be propping the door open, but it seems that none of us want it badly enough, including me. And that shouldn’t be taken for anything more than it is- the band ran its course, it was enjoyable, it’s just not going to last. It may have been better if we had figured this out before we decided to pay for studio time, but at least now I have some recordings for songs like Silhouette and All These Lazy Angels that I know some friends have wanted. And we do have a few more shows in the works before we all go in our separate directions, so I’ll keep you all updated with that.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing more material. Now that I’m not writing with Copper Tree in mind, I’m able to be more personal and more honest, less concerned with “can this work in a 3-piece piano rock band”. I even posted a song the sound of music on youtube:


The next step is to find musicians that’ll stretch me in a different direction. I met a girl at Castellana’s who’s kind of a jazz singer, but she’s starting this Mars Volta-esque group, could be interesting. I’m curious what it’d be like in a band where other people are writing a lot. We’ll see where things go.

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