liam can cook


Want to cook together? Let’s do that.

I hate eating by myself. Eating to me is such a social thing, I love to eat with other people. A while back, I tried to start a “Feed a Liam” campaign, but it never really got off the ground, maybe because it involved eating out, which doesn’t work into a lot of peoples’ budgets/diets. I’m also not a very experienced cook, either. Most of my home cooking involves some kind of prepared meal-in-a-bag deal, which isn’t really particularly healthy or cost-effective. I hate cooking by myself too, because it’s a lot of effort for little return.

I was thinking- I’ve got a lot of time on my hands (and not much money), I really should learn how to cook. I’d also like to resurrect the Feed a Liam campaign, though eating out isn’t such a good idea. So here’s what I think would be great.

Let’s cook together. You pick the day, you pick the time, breakfast, lunch or dinner. We agree on the food, and I’ll pay for at least 50% of it. I’m aiming for making meals that I can learn and remember and potentially cook by myself if necessary. My car situation at the moment is a little sketchy, so cooking/eating at my place is preferred, unless your place is within walking distance or you want to pick me up. Doesn’t this sound like just the best thing ever?

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