I'm playing a solo show for 3 hours this Saturday.


Copper Tree had a 3 hour show scheduled for this Saturday at Sangria’s Bar and Grill in Lowell. Unfortunately, Ravi and Damien won’t be able to be there :( so I’m kind of in this awkward position of playing a solo show. Right now, I’m scrambling to figure out how this is all going to work. Knowing 3 hours of material is surprisingly the part I’m least concerned with. I’m more concerned about finding people who can come. Sangria’s is a nice-looking bar and grill located in scenic Lowell, Massachusetts. They serve dinner until 10pm, so if you want to get some food, you should probably get there in the first hour. Because they serve alcohol too, it’s 21+. If you could come, I would be ecstatic.

So, details:

  • solo show
  • Sangria’s Pub [on the web] [directions]
  • 21+
  • a whole bunch of Copper Tree songs
  • a whole bunch of other good original songs that never got rolled into Copper Tree
  • a whole bunch of covers, because, hey, I don’t have 3 hours of original material (probably most of these will be in the first hour)
  • you, coming because you want to hear good music and you want to save my ass from being all by itself all night.

Let me know if you might be able to make it, again I’d be seriously ecstatic if you can.

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