...aaaannnnnnd we're back!


carpeliam.com has finished moving across the internet to a new host, and the result is a better, faster, stronger website. It looks like it finally finished propagating itself across the internet (I think I was the only one who couldn’t see it for a while), so I guess it’s safe to announce its return.

carpeliam.com is currently built on top of the ever so lovely and talented Ruby on Rails platform. It’s fantastic. But there’s another, leaner, faster fish in the sea of Ruby web frameworks called Merb, and I’ll be redesigning the website to use this framework in the near future. Don’t expect anything too soon, as it’s going to be redesigned both front and back, inside and out - a brand new face to go with its brand new shiny interior. But when it’s live, oh baby. Well, hopefully it doesn’t suck.

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