some code I've been writing lately


Update: Plogger has been renamed Blugg, so as not to be confused with the open source PHP photo gallery. I’ll most likely be rewriting Blugg as a Ruby Gem instead of a Rails plugin, but this change probably won’t take place for a few weeks. Stay tuned! Short version: I wrote a pluggable blogging system in Rails called Plogger.

Long version: So, I’ve been working on updating my website lately, and I looked around to see what’s currently going on with Rails blogging systems. When I first started getting into Rails, Typo was the only system out there. But I wanted to develop a Rails site myself, and Typo doesn’t really make that easy. Neither does Mephisto.

For this version of my site (published about 2 years ago), I wrote my own system, which has served me pretty well. 2 years later, I was hoping that Rails’ options for blogging systems might have improved. Full-scale applications like Typo and Mephisto are still popular approaches, though I read a lot about people who have used them who decide to switch to Wordpress (because as much as we want to use Ruby/Rails software, we don’t want to worry about our blog).

I also looked at Bloggity, Bloget, and Enki, but they were either too opinionated for me, or did not concentrate on the feature set that I was most interested in (for example, allow guests to comment).

Seeing as how I’m on break right now, I decided to write my own blog plugin. I wanted to write a minimal system that did just what I wanted, but make it pluggable so that people who want additional features can easily add them. Enter Plogger, and the first few plugins I’ve written for it. We’ll see what happens.

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